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15 Best Travel Jobs to Make Money Traveling

“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.” 
– Paulo Coelho 

Fortunately, the millennials and Gen-Z seem to have ample courage to never be afraid to stand up for what is right or for a matter of fact, travel. Wanderlust is easily one of the most used buzzwords of the past few years. With the rising popularity of Instagram & increasing viewership of YouTube, it is of no surprise that travel is becoming an aspirational activity for the modern-day society. We have new bloggers, vloggers, photographers or just casual travellers every day sharing their travel experiences on social media through the best visual mediums they could highlight their experiences with. 

This phenomenon has certainly led to an increasing number of tourists around the world and a shift in lifestyle as well. With the hustle of the city life and constant pressure of workload, more and more people are opting to travel around to remote destinations in search of a more conducive environment or rejuvenation. Unfortunately, this desire for comfort & adventure also comes at a fiscal cost which can be a great challenge for most travellers. 

Fortunately, though, we’ve gone through the endless lists on the internet talking about ways/jobs to make money while traveling and compiled for you a comprehensive and practical list of 15 ways to make a living while traveling abroad, and satisfying your wanderlust. 

To make the list more relevant, we have categorized it under two categories i.e. Offline & Online jobs as sometimes internet connection or other similar tools might not be easily available while travelling, so we have a list of some practical offline job ideas as well to help you fund your travel expeditions.

Online Based Jobs  

1. Digital Marketing 

The online ecosystem is like a world in itself where people talk, network, trade, buy, sell and other such things. Every company today has an online presence and most companies don’t have budgets to hire a full-time marketing person. Jobs like an SEO expert, social media manager, internet marketer, ad-words experts are all job profiles which you can easily find work for and do it easily while sipping on your coconut water in Bali. 

2. Travel writing 

There’s an increasing competition among content aggregators, news and other information platforms to hook and retain customers. You can find loads of companies across the globe looking for freelance content writers for their travel blogs. This can be a boon for you as you get to journal your travel experiences and at the same time earn some bucks. 

3. Virtual Assistant 

You might think we are talking about the virtual assistants you have on your phone right now like Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, etc. but no, a virtual assistant is very much a real job, still being carried out by humans. There are tons of opportunities available on the internet and job roles include scheduling appointments, doing quick research, making travel bookings and other such administrative related work. 

4. Technology-Based freelance  

 The most commonly known job profile on the list, technology-based freelance needs no introduction. Don’t have a degree? No Worries just build your profile on any freelance website and showcase your best works, and in no time, you will find yourself engaged in technology-based projects from around the world. The nature of work composes of Graphic Designing, Web Development, Business Analytics, App Development, etc. 

5. Translator/Interpreter  

Do you hold a degree in any language? Or a certification? Then there are ample opportunities available for you on the internet to translate transcripts, official & legal documents, messages, notices, etc. into the language of your expertise. 

6. Online course instructor  

Online learning is on the rise and with the increasing demand for online tutors, there is an opportunity to fill the supply side of this business. There are plenty of platforms available in today’s market for you to create, record, and upload your course programs in any field like languages, technology, arts, etc. 

7. Yoga Instructor 

As the world moves more towards adopting healthier lifestyles, there’s an increasing demand for gyms, healthy food options, vegan food, etc. One of the beneficiaries of this phenomenon has been Yoga. There is a great awareness among people of the advantages of Yoga and hence a rise in demand for Yoga classes. Online Yoga classes are an economical way for people to learn Yoga and hence you can always train your students even while travelling. 

8. Drop-shipping 

What is Drop-shipping? It’s a unique model of the supply chain wherein the supplier doesn’t stock the product himself but buys the product and ships it whenever there is a demand. You can apply this business model if you’re planning to stay at a place for a long time and that place has a unique item that is only available in the local markets. There is plenty of e-commerce websites available to aid you in this process. 

 Some prominent websites for you to find the jobs mentioned above: UpWork,,,, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, TopTal, TaskRabbit, Shopify, Udemy, etc. 

Offline Based Jobs 

9. Working Holiday Visa 

What if I told you, you could spend six months in Miami, working as a surf instructor on the beaches there and being paid for it? Sounds too good to be true? But it is, in fact, true, Working Holiday Visa is available across 60 countries that give young adults (18 to 30) work visa for 6 months to 1 year and allows you to take up jobs like waiter, bartenders, surf instructors, etc. Although you don’t get paid much, you can be assured to have enough money to have a great time wherever you are. 

10. Au Pair 

Do you like children? Hanging around with them? Playing with them? Then this may be it for you. Au Pairs are in high demand especially in European countries and the North American market where parents do not have access to house help and need to be present at their workplaces. These jobs usually come with long term contracts of 6 months to a year, but you can expect to be provided with a room, food and some money as well while you’re in a foreign country. 

11. Photography 

If you find yourself in touristic places, then be on the lookout for highly excited tourists looking to document their adventures and get memorable portraits clicked. In this digital day and age, everyone is looking to put out their best pictures or showcase the best versions of themselves and this hunger has driven the demand of freelance photographers who can capture the experiences of these tourists for them to make their friends jealous on social media or maybe just to help them document the memorable moments. 

12. House Sitting 

Similar to Au Pairs but on a smaller scale, house sitting jobs are very easy to find on the internet. Just go to freelance job portals and you can connect with the locals of the city you’re travelling to and get a job for house sitting or daycare for their kids in that city. You can easily negotiate for accommodation as well and get the evenings and weekends free for you to explore that city. 

13. Restaurant jobs 

The hospitality industry in a lot of touristic places do not operate in their full capacity round the year and usually have peak seasons. Most of the time, during these peak seasons, they aren’t well equipped to handle the demand and hence look out for temporary workers. It’s very common for these hotels, restaurants, and clubs to hire travellers on a short-term contract to help them serve better to the increased demand. 

14. Cruise Jobs 

What if we told you, you can go on a cruise along with the sunny islands AND be paid for it? That is exactly what many of the tourists choose to do while on long-term travel. Most of the cruise ships, similar to the restaurants, do not operate in full capacity until peak season. The sudden rise in the demand during peak season forces Cruise Ships to look for temporary workers and crew members to help them serve their customers better. These workers are provided with basic pay, accommodation, and food.  

15. Hostel Jobs 

 Hostels are one of the most preferred choices of accommodation for budget travellers. These hostels as well run on full capacity during peak seasons and hence look for temporary help during such times. Always make sure to check out with your local hostels first to see if there is an opening, this way you can get your accommodation sorted while earning a few bucks as well. 

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