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5 Skills to Learn During Quarantine That Will Make You More Valuable

With coronavirus threat rising, billions of Indians are forced to self-isolate or self-quarantine as it is called. The outbreak of such a pandemic is traumatizing. In addition to the uncertainty and stress caused due to the lockdown, spending time in quarantine can take a serious toll on your mental health. Even if you are home with your family, the sense of isolation and cabin fever can be disturbing.   

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. The best way to keep it productive is to keep it engaged. And what better ways than honing an existing skill or learning a new one that will make you more employable. Looking at the brighter side of this worldwide crisis, people have an opportunity to take advantage of one of the most valuable resources-time.

#1 Judgement and decision-making skills 

Different job roles require a different skill set, but decision-making skills are sought by practically all organizations, as we encounter decisions, big and small, in the workplace every day. Generally, job seekers who demonstrate an ability to make a quick decision have an upper hand over those who can’t. Quick and effective decision making becomes an asset especially when you are faced with pressing issues or going through stressful times.   

#2 Time Management 

Time management is life management. The way we spend our irreplaceable resource-time- speaks a lot about our personality.  The king of all skills ensures optimum utilization of time. All you need to do is track the time you have in your hand, set goals, prioritize tasks, implement, and succeed. Self-motivation is the key to effective time management. You may not acquire it in a day but getting started is important. 

#3 Negotiation Skills 

Wouldn’t it be great if everybody thought the way you did? If everybody spontaneously agrees to your every word, your every thought, your every feeling? But life doesn’t work that way. Exactly why you need to become proficient at the art of negotiation.   

Within a professional context, negotiation may be understood as the art of forging an agreement between two or more parties, that is mutually acceptable (and hopefully mutually beneficial). Regardless of the role, you play in an organization, negotiation skills ensure success in the work-life.    

Being an employee or representative of an organization, you may not always have all the cards. You will need to strategize in such a way that things turn in your favor anyway. By mastering the art of negotiation, you get to establish yourself as a top-notch entrepreneur or representative of a business and that will let you create greater opportunities for yourself. 

#4 Language 

Multilingual executives are high on demand in multinational companies around the globe. The world is shrinking at a fast pace and the business dynamics are changing every day. Progressive corporates require associates who have the right linguistic prowess. Language skills coupled with trending technical skills, to connect with others and fulfill business needs, is a success formula.   

#5 Writing 

Writing skill is among the most in-demand soft-skills regardless of the role you play in an organization. To write convincingly you need to get your express yourself and communicate information. The reader must feel exactly what you mean. The forms of written communication at the workplace include emails, reports, brochures, slides, sales materials, social media posts, and other business documents. Whether you aim to connect internally with co-workers and executives or externally to clients, the way you write can either skyrocket your career or hinder your growth within the organization. So hone your writing skills while stuck at home. 

Life will be back on track soon. If you come out of this quarantine without more knowledge or a new skill you never lacked time, you lacked discipline 

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