Get Scooled by Aakash Ranison


20 October 2019

About Aakash Ranison

The wanderlust to explore the world and the passion to work for climate change has been the impetus in Aakash Ranison’s life. He has cycled over 20,000 kms, hitchhikes over 50,000 kms, walked over 8,000 kms, in India and other countries. Aakash is a Climate Activist, vegan for climate, takes no flights, buys no single-use plastic.

He’s also the founder and CEO of The Golden Bird Foundation, an NGO that strives to provide computer education to underprivileged children in central India. When in good mode he is also a writer, photographer, graphic designer, web developer, social media consultant.

Get Scooled by Aakash Ranison

What if we told you, that you could be making money and travelling the world, both AT THE SAME TIME? What if we told you we aren’t kidding? What if we told you, an event is happening to answer all your curiosity and get the travel buff in you excited like a 2-year-old?

Join us for a unique GET SCOOLED experience, where travelpreneur Aakash Ranison will teach you about ways, techniques and methods, that’ll allow you to make money while travelling the world.

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