Get Scooled by Anas Khan


10 November 2019

About Anas Khan

Before he turned 13 he had survived a bombing, met a dictator, played football with people from over 65 countries and understood 4 languages. He is inimitable Anas Khan, a story-teller and an educator. He has worked for around a decade in branding, luxury marketing and retail where he has created and managed various brands in the FMCG sector. He has lived around the world, trained and taught in multiple countries and very different cultures. His multicultural exposure has helped him become a plain sailing communicator.

Get Scooled By Anas Khan

This Sunday, get lost in the world of stories with branding guy, teacher and storyteller-Anas Khan. Learn about how top brands are nothing but great stories and how you can UP your marketing game with some go-to storytelling tips.

If you love to write or even listen to great stories around you, join us for Get Scooled experience, where Anas Khan will guide you to master the art of brand storytelling.

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