Get Scooled by Devansh Singh


08 December 2019

About Devansh Singh

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know” it’s one of Devansh Singh’s favourite quotes. A writer, a performer and an outstanding stand-up artist, who believes in the endless process of learning and unlearning. His journey started with casual stand-up performances for his college peers, half a decade back, But it was for Zakir Khan that he first got the chance to open for an artist and since then there has been no looking back as he has opened hundreds of shows throughout India. His expertise in content creation and adaptation, along with impeccable comic timing makes him one of the most favourite stand-up comedians and RJs of Indore.

Get Scooled By Devansh Singh

What goes behind the actual act of making somebody laugh? What’s the process of writing your own joke? Can comedy be broken into a step by step journey?

Find out the answers to these questions, and more while you learn the ‘science’ of comedy from the ace comedian Devansh Singh.

Whether you’re an aspiring comedian with stage fright or you’re getting paid gigs, these stand-up comedy tips will take you to the next level.

Join us at Scool Experience Centre for a unique GetScooled experience, where comedian Devansh Singh decodes stand-up.

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