Get Scooled by Rohit Dawesar


24 November 2019

About Rohit Dawesar

“Don’t go where the path may lead, but go where there is no path and leave a legacy”. – is the philosophy Rohit Dawesar lives by. Rohit is a promising writer whose debut book ‘The Stupid Somebody’ is getting thumbs up from its readers, while his other books are in pipeline. He is widely known for his highly relatable nano-tales and short stories that he posts on various social media platforms. As his pay-back to society, this duty-bound writer, delivers motivational talks.

Get Scooled By Rohit Dawesar

This Sunday, come and join young aspiring writers and get the inspiration to write your own fascinating tiny tales. Find out how to write alluring micro-fiction that is quick to read and impossible to ignore. 

If you want to say a lot in a few words, join us for this GetScooled experience, where Rohit Dawesar will help you write captivating nano tales and short stories.

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