Get Scooled by Tauseef Khan


17 November 2019

About Tauseef Khan

Humility, optimism, and tunnelled focus are his armour. Tauseef Khan is an IIT-IIM graduate, whose Gramophone acoustics the sound of the new age in Agri-tech in India. With a family background in agriculture and having in-depth domain knowledge, he worked in several agri-business companies. But it was when he was serving his stints at Ag Tech-focused venture capital funds; he found his inspiration to start Gramophone a breakthrough Agri-tech helping the farmers perform better.


Firmly believing that technology can remove information asymmetry in the agricultural system, Tauseef Khan, with his batchmate, created an app that brings timely information and inputs required to achieve better yield for farmers. A bootstrapped startup made into a dollar 100 million company by none other than Tauseef Khan and his chosen team.

Get Scooled By Tauseef Khan

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