Mentorship Program with Avinash Gupta



It’ll be a 4-week personalised Mentorship Program with flexible mentoring sessions. The batch will consist maximum of 4-5 Mentees.

The objective of this mentorship programme is to introduce budding singers to the world of stage performance. The mentees will get to shadow the mentor to Live Shows and know what it takes to put up a successful gig.

When you meet Avinash Gupta, you realise the man is modest in no small degree. At the same time, he is resolute and spirited to have opinionated conversations. Anyways, one of the most exciting artists to come face to face with.

A trained classical singer, Avinash was initiated into music at a very early age. His talent was recognised and promoted by his mother when she found him imitating flawlessly the songs playing on Doordarshan. He is a restaurateur who is exceptionally passionate about creating music and performing them live.

Avinash feels and breath music. While performing live, he loves to interact with the audience through his music. This Indore based musician is a versatile live performer who doesn’t want to restrict himself to one genre. He is a live performer who makes his listeners groove to his tunes.

His many achievements include the release of his original solo song by Zee Music Company in the year 2018. Avinash has been doing club gigs in the best of the cafes and private events in top-class hotels in Indore and across India.

The outline of this mentorship program is as follows:

Week 1-  Finding your unique voice, discover your style of singing and genre 

Week 2- Finding the right match/team that compliments your skill set, Identifying the type of instruments you will need to build your studio,  Jamming skills, coordinating with the band

Week 3- Creating your original work, practice the sets, understanding the technical aspects

Week 4- Understanding the audience, matching the taste of the audience, improvising the sets, overcoming stage fright, crisis management, handling mistakes, Putting up a successful show and beyond

After the successful completion of this program, you’ll get Certification and confidence to perform live music.


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