Mentorship Program with Chetna Joshi



It’ll be a 2-week personalised Mentorship Program by a renowned yoga instructor Chetna Joshi. The batch will consist of a maximum of 10-12 Mentees.

The Mentorship Program is designed to meet the needs of both the new Learners and practising yoga trainers to give a hands-on experience based on yoga instruction and practice.

This programme will mentor you in topics including yoga asanas, the introduction of Hath-Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayamas, Mudras and Bandh, Introduction to Meditation and Much more.


To enrol for this Mentorship Program, all you need to have is:

  1. To enrol for this Mentorship Program, all you need to have is:
  2. Dedicated time to practice the lessons
  3. Desire to feel better
  4. Willingness to apply and propagate Yogic knowledge for overall well-being

An engineer by qualification, Chetna Joshi is a renowned International Yoga trainer hailing from Indore. Chetna was fond of Yoga since her childhood. She has learned from masters from around the world.

Chetna became a household name when she got an opportunity to participate in the 16th season of television show MTV Roadies real heroes. This exposure provided her with a perfect platform to display her skills. She tapped this opportunity to spread her passion to a broader audience. Sudarshan Kriya transformed her life and gave her the purpose of life.

The Yoga Girl runs a studio “Aaradhyam Yoga” in Indore. Apart from this, Chetna is also famous as an Art of Living Teacher.

Course Content

Mentorship Program in Yoga Instruction constitutes of both the theoretical and practical aspect of Yoga. In each session, you will learn the fundamental theory, alignment tips, and pose modifications that help you instruct others better. The course flow will be as follows:

Section 1: Theory

  1. Origin and History of Yoga
  2. Philosophy of Yoga: Principles of Purification, Relaxation and Harmonization.
  3. Panch Koshas: The five sheaths of existence
  4. Annamaya kosha and the organs of actions
  5. Consciousness and Yoga
  6. Elements of Universe: The process of evolution according to Samkhya Darshan  RajYoga(Yogicpsychology)
  7. Antahkarana (the mind stuff)
  8. Chitta and its patterns(vrritis)
  9. Panch Kleshas (five sources of pain)
  10. Gunas; Prakash, Kriya, Sthiti(characteristics of mind)
  11. Prakriti and Purusha(the observer and observed)
  12. Process of involution for evolution
  13. Controlling the mind
  14. AshtangaYoga: Eight stages of self-balancing and realization

Section 2: Practical ApplicationThe technique, teaching, method, application, contraindication and benefits of Sookshmavyaayaam: This program covers the primary and preparatory movements to warm up the body, muscles and align the joints. These movements help to achieve the full Range of Motion for the joints, prevent injuries during challenging yoga poses and developing body awareness.

After the successful completion of this program, you’ll get Certification and an Industry recognized Certificate from the trainer after the course completion.


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