Mentorship Program with Danish Sheikh



It’ll be a 5-week personalised Mentorship Program with flexible mentoring sessions per week. The batch will consist of a maximum of 5 Mentees.
The training program is science-backed and provides powerful communication behaviours for exceptional charismatic leadership. Embody the charisma that will enable you to command a room, draw others to you and convince people of your ideas.

What will you learn? 

Once you have completed the charismatic leader course you will be able to fully comprehend.

Danish Sheikh, one of the most renowned charisma coaches in the world, began his journey when he was 18 years old, cracking an interview with a reputed media firm, beating out more experienced, qualified linguists. Each ensuing achievement led to another helping him boost his confidence and charisma. 


Charisma was something that always fascinated him. Danish continued to do his own research. Eventually, he was able to develop a step-by-step teaching system that helps one become remarkably charismatic. He started delivering guest talks at business schools and charisma coaching soon changed from a hobby to a passion. Today Danish is credited with being the first charisma coach in India and Dubai, before expanding to London. 


Danish is the CEO of a leadership consultancy company, ‘Charismatrix Ltd’, headquartered in London, UK, with a presence in Mumbai and Dubai. He has premier clientele spanning C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, politicians and Bollywood actors. The majority of his clients are based out of London, Dubai and Mumbai. Danish is also associated with the London Speaker Bureau as a keynote speaker.

The outline of this mentorship program is as follows:

Week-1- Unleash your CQ (charisma quotient)

Week-2-Build a unique avatar

Week-3-Communicate like a leader

Week-4-Energise meetings

 Miscellaneous personalized tactics for your area of work 


After the successful completion of this program, you’ll get Certification and the ability to impress and charm those around you.


Pay in full., Pay in half

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