Mentorship Program with Mudit Thakkar



It’ll be a 6-week personalised Mentorship Program with 5 mentoring sessions a week Monday-Friday, with a maximum of 8-10 Mentees per batch.

The mentees will get the opportunity to work on real-time projects under the guidance of Robot Man Mudit Thakkar.

Mudit Thakkar a.k.a. Robot Man is the Founder & CEO of Edo Square, a firm that helps Students and Professionals in Building their Skills in Future Technologies. He has trained and inspired 20,000+ students and professionals on Innovation, Creative Thinking, Leadership, Team Work through courses like Robotics, 3D Printing, Programming Languages, Machine Learning, Internet of Things Etc. He has worked with 20+ prestigious educational organisations of central India.


Mudit is the president of Answer Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is bridging the gap between job seekers and employers through training, networking, competitions and internships. 


He recently took a road trip across small towns and villages of India to know the real problems in the Indian education system and inspired many young students, future entrepreneurs and leaders to create a better world.


Always being passionate to create something that would contribute good values to the people in the community,  Mudit believes, ‘Journey of thousand miles starts with a single step’. 

The outline of this mentorship program is as follows:

Week 1-C Programming language

Week 2– Embedded C

Week 3-Arduino Programming

Week 4– Practical: Servo Motor, DC Motor, L293D/ULN2003A(Motor Driver) 

Week 5– Arduino Communication-I2C, SPI, UART

Week 6– Robotics

Projects of Robotics: Line Follower, Wall follower, Robotic hand, Autonomous robot, Obstacle detection robot

Projects of Embedded Systems: Fan Speed Controllers using Temperature Sensors, NFC Based authentication system, RFID based door access control, MPU6050- Data visualization using Arduino, Air quality monitoring system and alarming system, Bluetooth control robot



After the successful completion of this program, you’ll get : Certification and an Industry recognized Certificate from the trainer after the course completion.


Pay in full., Pay in half

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