Mentorship Program with Nayan Gaikwad



It’ll be a 4-week personalised Mentorship Program with flexible mentoring sessions. The batch will consist of a maximum of 5 Mentees.

The objective of this mentorship programme is to polish your skills as a blockchain developer. The mentees will get to work on real-time projects.


  1. High School Level Mathematics
  2. Basic Knowledge of Python

Nayan Gaikwad is an experienced techie with a demonstrated history of working in the IT industry. He has a scientific mindset and is a brilliant information technology professional skilled in Research, Communication, Management, Data Science, Node.js and J2EE Web Services. For years, he has focused on learning algorithms, understanding data structures, and solving genuinely complicated problems.

Nayan is the founder and CEO of Gyizer Systems Private Limited and has an expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain. Nayan has worked with some of the prestigious startups and companies in Indore and overseas to Australian Companies for ML solutions. He’s passionate about solving challenging problems that others find difficult or impossible.

The outline of this mentorship program is as follows:

Week-1- Blockchain Intuition

Week-2- Cryptocurrency Intuition

Week-3-Cryptocurrency Transactions

Week-4-Smart Contract Intuition

Final Assessment 

Blockchain-Based Chat System

IPFS Data Broadcasting


After the successful completion of this program, you’ll get Certification and skills to develop blockchain.


Pay in full., Pay in half

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