Mentorship Program with Rohit Dawesar



An eight-week (56 hours) personalized mentorship programme designed to help you partake in the incredible journey of writing a novel, publishing and marketing it. Also, how to earn money while still in the process. 

Rohit Dawesar is an author from Indore whose debut novel ‘The Stupid Somebody’ became a national bestseller even before he signed a contract for his upcoming book ‘NO MATTER 

WHAT… I will always love you!’. 

Rohit is immensely popular for his Nano tales, short stories and poems that he posts on his social media and on his website. Unlike many authors who write since their childhood, Rohit started writing when he understood that the story he had is a unique one and it needs to be told.

Now a full-time writer who creates magic with words, he also owned a coaching institute for engineering students, was a director at Entrepreneurs Consulting Pvt. Ltd., and also is the co-founder, director of a fast-food restaurant chain named The Urban Gumti. He is a book lover and a movie/ tv series fanatic who would hardly deny a cup of coffee any time.

Week 1: Why writing! How to create the mesmerizing world of nano tales and short stories. 

Week 2: The MUST-HAVES and how to nurture them. Core values of a writer – not only reading, writing, but a lot of practices together build the necessary writing muscle. 

Week 3: Content writing and creative writing – oxygen for a new writer. Decoding non-fiction. 

Week 4: Clear, crisp, but also elegant and classy. Thoughts bled to paper, perfectly. 

Week 5: Stories are here, there, everywhere. Storytelling is an art. How to create a scene, bring it on paper – the way it should be. 

Week 6: Ingredients for writing your very own masterpiece that could heal, inspire, move, touch every heart, soothe every soul. What makes a classic story what it is today. 

Week 7: Sit. Write. Analyse. Edit. The ultimate masterstrokes. 

Week 8: Main things after the main thing: Attracting the numero uno publisher for your book and how to sell your first 5K copies. Rohit’s journey and what he learnt after years of writing, self-publishing and marketing his book to reach readers, touch their hearts. 


Additional Perks: 

– Go home with the concrete first fifty pages of your novel. 

– Get a chance to write a short story that could feature in a (published) novel, compiled and edited by Rohit Dawesar.


Pay in full., Pay in half

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