Mentorship Program with Shalabh Agrawal



It’ll be a 16-week personalised Mentorship Program with 2 mentoring sessions per week. The batch will consist of a maximum of 5 Mentees.

The Structured Entrepreneurship program is designed to guide budding entrepreneurs and existing business in adopting a structured approach to launching a new business to ensure the success of the venture.

The program is 30% concept training and 70% hands-on training that includes brainstorming, research, case studies, the multitude of worksheets to create a framework of the new business or idea that the entrepreneur is trying to turn into a business.

Lieutenant Shalabh Agrawal is an Ex-Navy officer and has 35 years of work experience including 25 years in the corporate world. From being an entrepreneur to holding key positions as Director and CEO in manufacturing and IT industries, the richness of his experience has a lot anyone can learn from.

An ardent follower of TOC (Theory of Constraints), he has advised, trained and delivered amazing results in manufacturing industries. He holds multiple international qualifications in the field of Human Resource Development. Lieut. Agrawal has also been a mentor with Everwise Corporation USA and has mentored CEO’s, business owners in Europe, Australia and US.

He has been a keynote speaker at many forums including CII, IMA and Colleges on topics related to management, operational efficiency, organisation development among others. Currently Lieut. Agrawal is the CEO at Qikme Technologies LLP, Pune.

The outline of this mentorship program is as follows:

Week-1- Reality Check-Understand the dynamics of starting a new business

Part 1: Who is your customer?

Duration 3.5 Weeks, 7 sessions

Topics Covered


  1. Market Segmentation
  2. Selecting a Beachhead Market (BHM)
  3. Building End User Profile
  4. Calculating TAM size for BHM
  5. Profiling the Persona for BHM
  6. Identifying the next 10 Customers


Part 2: What Can You Do For Your Customer

Duration 3 Weeks, 6 sessions

Topics Covered

  1. Full Life Cycle Use Case
  2. High-Level Product Specification
  3. Quantifying the Value Proposition
  4. Defining Your Care
  5. Charting Competitive Position


Part 3: How Does Your Customer Acquire Your Product

Duration 1.5 Weeks, 3 sessions

Topics Covered

  1. Determining Customer’s Decision-Making Unit (DMU)
  2. Process Mapping for Acquiring a Paying Customer
  3. Sales Process for Customer Acquisition


Part 4: How Do You Make Money Off Your Product

Duration 2 Weeks, 4 sessions

Topics Covered

  1. Business Model Design
  2. Setting Pricing Framework
  3. Calculate Lifetime Value (LTV) of an Acquired Customer
  4. Calculate Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA)


Part 5: How Do You Design & Build Your Product

Duration 2 Weeks, 4 sessions 

Topics Covered 

  1. Identifying Key Assumptions 
  2. Testing Key Assumptions 
  3. Define the Minimum Viable Business Product (MVBP) 
  4. Showing that “Dogs Will Eat the Dog Food” (Validation) 


Part 6: How Do You Scale Your Business 

Duration 1 Weeks, 2 sessions

Topics Covered 

  1. Calculating TAM for Follow-up Markets 24. Developing a Product Plan 


After the successful completion of this program, you’ll get Certification and everything, you require to know about entrepreneurship-from starting up to running a successful business.


Pay in full., Pay in half

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