Mentorship Program with Taha Malik



It’ll be a 6-week personalised Mentorship Program with flexible mentoring sessions for 3. The batch will consist maximum of 5 Mentees

Taha Malik is the co-founder of Orbind and Baari labs and is a graduate from IIT Kanpur. Taha has an experience of over 10 years working in fortune 100 companies across many domains which includes building tech products and helping in business analytics or leading market strategy. He has been a master of building startups. Taha co-founded the health tech startup Orobind, which was later acquired by the amazon backed startup Housejoy, and now he aims to make 3D printers with a vision to Make 3D Printers reach every household.

In addition to being an innovator in printing technology and a serial entrepreneur, Taha spends time helping startups and young entrepreneurs. He plays a very active role in the startup community and is a highly respectable advisor for numerous ventures.

Course Overview

Building your own 3D Printer
Understanding Electronics of a Printer
Understanding 3D Printer Firmware
Training in Slicing Software for perfect 3D Prints
Designing your own models
Understanding Printing Materials and making multi-material objects
Troubleshooting challenges in running a 3D Printer

How to make a 3D printer for yourself and calibrate and adjust it perfectly. You will get to know how to solve and prevent common problems and discover alternative solutions to tailor your 3D printer to your liking and needs. Designing 3D Models, printing it to perfection, and managing your printer effectively are the key life skills you build from this course.


Week 1:
3D Printing Overview –
What’s all the fuss about 3D Printing
Different technologies
How a 3D Printer Works
How do you make an object through 3D Printing

Week 2:
Building a 3D Printer –
Setting up the body structure X,Y&Z Planes
Mounting Motors & Bed Plates
Loading up the Extruder System

Week 3:
Wiring up a 3D Printer –
Setting up the electronics (Motherboard)
Wiring up the power supply
Wiring Motors, Extruder & Heatbed

Week 4:
3D Printer Calibration –
Firmware Setup
Communicating with the 3D Printer
Calibrating Movements & Extruder
Tuning your printer
Print your first part

Week 5:
Print in 3D –
Setting up the Slicer Software
Operating a 3D Printer
Troubleshooting 3D Printing Issues

Week 6:
Designing For 3D printing –
Introduction to 3D Designing software
Making 3D Designs
Optimising Slicer Settings for your models

After the successful completion of this program, you’ll get Certification and skills to Build Your own 3D printer and take it home with you.


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